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Organic rose gardening

It is all about organic these days, from organic produce and meat to organic gardening, organic is really the way things are being done now. Organic rose gardening is just one of the latest successes coming out of the organic world. Making your own rose garden is a simple process and has benefits for everyone.

The chemicals that are used to grow non-organic flowers are harmful to the health of animals and people, by growing your roses organically you are eliminating this risk. Roses are very attractive plants and many people want them in their gardens. Roses are hardy plants and growing them organically is very similar to growing them with chemicals.

The choice of variety of rose is of key importance. Some roses will be not be able to survive in cold weather and some will suffer in humid places. Therefore identifying the climate of your garden is important when finding a rose that will succeed in it. You must also consider the types of fungus in your garden as different varieties can be harmful to different rose types.

When planting roses you must keep a measure of the acidity of the soil. Soil is considered to be neutral if it has a pH of 7 and this is the best condition for roses. If it falls below 6.5 then the soil will be too acidic and will kill the roses by destroying them at the roots.

Roses like the sun and you must be careful to choose a location in your garden that will get the most amount of sun in the day. Exposing the plants to around six hours of sunlight is a good recommendation. Be careful not to grow them next to a wall which will block the sun for much of the day.


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