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October, time to clear up the garden

Many people share the opinion that October can be a depressing month.  They feel that October means winter is just around the bend and they don’t like winter.  Coming into October does not have to be a depressing event.

October has plenty to offer in the concerns of good cheer and lots to do in the garden.  It’s time to rake up fallen leaves and cut back plants that have completed cropping.  Your final hedge trimmings will be done this month and you can set away supports and stakes for next year.

You can turn your summer compost heap into new bins to complete the breakdown and start again for autumn.  Leaves can be added or you can give them a bay to make rich leaf mould. Nighttimes will get colder, so move susceptible potted plants inside.  Protect permanent fixtures with straw or get horticultural fleece to do the job against frost.

Late apples and pears are prime for picking.  You will know they are all set when they come off with a slight twist and tug.  Arrange them for storage in wooden boxes tucked away in a cool space with plenty of air and no frost, and they could keep until Christmas.

There’s planting to as well as It’s time to get those flower bulbs in the ground and replace the summer bedding with plants that will flower in spring.  Depending on your soil conditions, you might want to plant broad beans and peas for an early spring crop.


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