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It is essential to have a balanced ecosystem in your garden

Whatever your gardening ambitions, it is essential to have a balanced ecosystem and for this you are going to need all sorts of insects and small animals involved. One key way of attracting insects to your garden is by using poppies. These flowers are known for being able to attract a wide variety of bugs to your garden.

Poppies come in many colours and thus will look great in any garden. They are also known for having a great deal of nectar in the centres and so will be very popular with the bees that pollinate the plant. Poppies depend on cross pollination to create seeds and bees are essential for this process. If you let your poppies seeds fall naturally you will have year upon year of beautiful poppies.

If you have enough space, creating a meadow which is filled with wild flowers is a great idea. Poppies should be a key feature in any wild flower field as they are easy to grow and come in so many colours. Most people associate poppies with the colour red because that is the colour that is used on Remembrance Day. This is only one type of poppy though, and they come in a huge range of colours dependant on the variety you choose.

The poppy Papaver somniferum is a very popular variety for people who enjoy cooking because they produce the edible poppy seeds that we often can find on breads and in other foods. If you are planning to harvest the seeds, these are the right variety to choose.

Generally, most types of poppy won’t thrive in dark and moist locations but that does not mean that you cannot have them because there are varieties that do succeed in these conditions – you just need to select the right ones.


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