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How do I care for my lawn?

1Looking after a lawn can be tricky and it can be hard to know what to do for the best, especially if you aren’t particularly green-fingered. Everyone who takes pride in their garden wants their lawn to look the best it possibly can, but with the change in seasons the advice for what you should do can actually vary greatly, with summer and winter advice being quite different.

What should I do in the winter?

With the horrible weather that winter brings, you really are best to leave your lawn alone as much as possible, particularly if it is wet or covered in snow. Obviously, this advice isn’t always practical, especially if you have children who like to play in the garden and a small bit of lawn use would be fine. Winter definitely isn’t the time to be doing any serious lawn work though, with things such as mowing being virtually off limits.

There are things that you can do with your lawn in winter though and it’s not all leaving it alone to get on with it. Cleaning up leaves that build up on your lawn is a great idea, as its aerating the lawn with a rake or hand fork. This means that water won’t build up on your lawn surface so your grass won’t be drowned and ultimately ruined.

What should I do in summer?

The heat of the summer can really slow down how quickly your grass grows, so there isn’t really a schedule that can be given with regards to mowing, it really is just something that you have to do as and when you need to. As the weather can be dry and may ultimately dry out your lawn, feeding and watering is necessary during the summer. Although you really do want to ensure that you don’t go overboard with the watering and actually drown the lawn.

If you have things such as trampolines in your garden, it is a good idea to move these around the garden every couple of weeks to prevent the grass underneath from dying.

The main thing that you should do with your lawn in summer is enjoy it! You’ve had all that time off it and worked so hard at making it perfect throughout the rest of the year that summer really should be when you spend your time outside in the garden, enjoying all the fruits of your work.

When it comes to lawn care, the advice is pretty simple – stay off it in the winter and enjoy it in the summer. There is nothing better than a beautiful, lush, green lawn for sunbathing and playing in, and while it may feel like hard work, it will all be worth it in the end.


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