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Getting your garden lit up with without mains power

The inside of all peoples homes are well lit but the garden is something that most people don’t consider needs lighting. Having a poorly lit garden though can negatively affect the appearance of your house. There are many different kinds of garden lighting available and this article is going to look at using solar lights to illuminate your outdoor space. The best thing about most of these methods is they require no electricity; they are able to light your garden in an entirely environmentally friendly way.

The fact that they do not need connecting to a mains supply means they are very simple to install. Most of them have some sort of solar panel which absorbs light during the daytime and emmits it at night. Solar power is widely regarded as the best way to light your garden.

One of the major advantages of these lights is they do not require maintenance. There are no switches, tables, or wiring that can go wrong. Once placed these lights will shine bright for a long time.

The benefits of not using electricity, other than the environmental impact is that you will have reduced energy bills. Also, because they are not connected to a high-voltage supply, they are safe even when it is raining. This can be especially beneficial if you have children.

Where you are located in the world will determine how much energy you are able to harvest from the sun. People located closer to the equator will be able to get more solar energy. There are many other uses for solar power. Some of these are commonly seen in home heating water or providing a cooling ventilation system. Solar power can even be used to power vehicles. Anyone who utilises this form of energy is contributing to reducing carbon emissions and saving the environment.


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