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Gardens can transform your home

The outdoor space in your garden can have many more functions if you change it properly. Creating a multi-functional outdoor space is easier than it sounds and you’ll need just several days to completely transform your garden.

If you are planning to change the outdoor space at your property, then you need to choose a starting point and build on it. If you have children, then it is highly recommended to transform your garden according to their needs. One of the most attractive and entertaining structures you can build is a willow house. This structure merges with any garden and it will be the perfect playing spot for your kids.

Building a willow house isn’t very difficult, but there are some things which can make it even easier. Choosing the proper materials is very important and the most convenient choice is either the Salix Viminalis or the Salix Triandra. Larger shrub willows and trees can also be used, but always avoid the Salix Caprea, because it doesn’t sprout very well and the final result will be rather disappointing.

Salix can be used for many other purposes, for example, creating beautiful ornamental sculptures of playhouses on the ground. This type of wood is very versatile and it can be seen around the entire country, so it should be easy to find. The sculptures created can be used to store your kids’ toys, but there are many other storage solutions which can fit any outdoor space.

If your garden isn’t big enough to build a shed, then you might consider purchasing a storage chest or a slimline garden store. A cheaper solution is a barbeque cover or a plastic garden table which will hide the toys and protect them from the rain. There are many DIY projects that can be used to improve the overall appearance of any garden, so you can achieve miracles if you dedicate some time to this task.


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