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Gardening for peace of mind

A former Gardener’s World presenter says you can stay in touch with reality by gardening. A good part of it is pure instinct but it is important to stay connected with how things grow and talk to every plant that you plant. The talking may not make all the difference in the world, but it means you are watching and observing them and that is the key. Gardening is sensuous and good therapy.

Life can sometimes or most of the time is demanding and fast and gardening helps to anticipate pleasure, reminds you to relax and postpones gratification. For example, it takes three years for an asparagus bed to mature, imagine how one feels when they are ready for the first time.

The Royal Horticultural Society performed a study in 2009 that found the voices of women gardeners helped to speed up the growth in tomato plants more than men’s voices.

The presenter was in a gardening controversy just a month ago when he was criticized by environmental groups for the type of peat compost he used because he had previously led a campaign against it. Until a comparable alternative is discovered he plans to continue using the peat based compost for his plants.

He has recently complained about how the skills of gardening have been lost due to everyone overlaid with technology and sophistication so it is no longer deemed necessary all that needs to be done is push a button. He has written seven novels and many autobiographies plus close to 40 books on gardening.  His opinions are thought to be very important to those gardeners that still us methods from years past.


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