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Finding just the right birdhouse

Many people receive enjoyment through bird watching and with that in mind it is important to select the correct bird house and placing it in the best to attract as many birds as possible into your garden. With this done correctly, the enjoyment and pleasure of viewing beautiful birds can be done right from your own home.

The selection process is important and there are an endless amount of different styles to choose from. The right selection will ensure the birds have a great place to nest and you will have a nice addition to your garden.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a bird house. Robins for example will nest in a bird house that is enclosed but prefer something open like a nesting post. Wrens and other similar birds like a box structure that is enclosed and there are a number of houses like these with small holes suitable for wrens.

Where you place the bird house is also of importance. Never put the birdhouse close to the feeder but place it close to some convenient cover for them. If there are trees and bushes close by they will have a place to fly to quickly if they feel they are in danger.

Some birds will stay away from nesting areas if there are other types of birds there or if there are other animals like rabbits or squirrels. Bird feeders attract a myriad of other animals; that is why it is important to keep the feeder away from the nesting area.

Do not point the opening of the bird house toward the east or south. Direct sunlight will cause the bird house to get warm in the morning and at mid day. The bird house should be mounted on a pole if at all possible rather that from a branch on a tree. The post acts as protection for the bird from predators since they can not as easily climb the pole as a tree.

The bird’s health depends on you keeping the bird house clean. It should be cleaned each spring and always use a face mask and gloves. Make sure the feeders are always full of food and the bird baths are clean and have fresh water.


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