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Cold snap continues to cause problems for gardeners

3Cold snaps are rarely good news especially when they come directly after what feels like a very drawn out winter season. It’s hard for members of the public to experience that lift associated with springtime when a cold snap brings snow, ice and biting winds long after such weather conditions are expected!

Of course, there is another negative aspect of cold snaps that hit before the spring gets going in earnest. They tend to upset the order of the natural world and this is really bad news for plants and flowers. A slight rise in temperatures inevitably leads the natural world to believe that spring is on the way. Just when the flowers, plants and animals are gambling on spring, a cold snap can hit plunging them back into a winter they may not be able to survive.

Plants and flowers are especially delicate. They respond to weather conditions and struggle when things are not just right. The last few weeks have shown a slight improvement in the weather after the worst of the winter and this improvement naturally encourages plant life to prepare itself for spring.

In fact, it’s fooled us all. Gardeners and growers have naturally planted their spring stock and expect to see the results, but the cold weather puts those crops in jeopardy. Much the same can be said for lawns that have never truly been able to escape the ice and the snow cover that promote the spread of disease in moist, enclosed spaces.

Keen gardeners are eagerly awaiting the true start of spring so they can tend their own garden, but let’s hope the rise in temperatures comes quick enough to save the stock that has already been planted. Fortunately, where turf is concerned, there are lawn suppliers out there like Turf Online who specialise in growing healthy turf in controlled conditions. Gardeners and groundskeepers can replace damaged areas of turf with this healthy turf to return their lawns to good health.

Spring will eventually take hold and drive a rise in temperatures but now is a crucial time for gardeners. It is advisable for gardeners to wait a while rather than hurrying to plant because the repeated cold snaps could just lead to wasted effort and wasted money for those in a rush. Better weather is expected towards the end of March.


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