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Choosing the best evergreens for your garden

Some people believe that every garden should have at least one evergreen plant in it, but knowing which plant to choose can be tough. For example, do you go with the hardy evergreens or the pretty evergreens? The following is a short guide to help you navigate through the right choice for your garden.

Most people think of trees and then shrubs when they hear the term evergreens, and in terms of scale these are the right types of evergreens to be thinking of. A good evergreen is like furniture to a garden, it takes up a sizeable space while complimenting what is already in the garden.

At the moment Holly is completely out of fashion because it grows too slow and has angled prickles. Despite this fact, if you have patience you still might want to consider it because the gloss of the leaves in the sunshine is a sight that is hard to beat.

Even better, Holly is a plant that is native to the UK so it is helping to promote the growth of an natural born plant. As many species of British plants continue to die off any thing that you can do to help preserve one of them is helpful.

The winter season is when you will be the happiest that you put in an evergreen given the fact that the only plant that stays alive and fresh. There is simply nothing like snow hanging off the branch of an evergreen tree.

Even better, if you choose an evergreen like Holly you will not have to prune it during the winter months since it rarely grows taller than 4m. Instead you can just enjoy the large leaves that shine underneath the reflection of the snow and the sun helping to brighten your garden just a bit.


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