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Black gold in the back garden

Some gardeners refer to compost as “black gold” and, with the current state of the economy; it can sometimes seem almost as costly as precious metals. Compost is beneficial to a garden because it is loaded with minerals and nutrients that help sustain plant life.  Compost is also beneficial to the environment, as it is made of discarded vegetable matter that would otherwise be tossed away and clog up landfills.

The answer to the cost concern is simple; make your own homemade compost.  It isn’t a difficult thing to do and it is a project that the entire family can involve themselves with. The first thing you will do is to select a compost bin.  In this matter you might want to spend a little more in order to get one that is appropriately durable and easy to use.

You want to set your compost bin up in a garden space that does not get much shade and where there will be easy access to work around the bin. After setting up the bin, you begin to add the necessary organic materials.  You begin with a soil layer from the garden, since this already contains many of the components you want in your compost.

Next, add a layer of vegetable matter, such as hedge clippings, grass clippings, or leaves.  Add enough water to maintain dampness and begin again with a soil layer.  Keep layering the compost materials in the bin, adding water, and mixing to combine the elements.

The most difficult part of composting is being patient.  The longer you wait, allowing your mixture to decompose in the bin, the richer and better your compost will become.  You can keep layering as long as you do not allow your mixture to dry out and you keep mixing.  Be sure there is enough air circulation for the decaying process to continue. After some expanse of time, you can remove your compost and use it to mulch your garden.


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