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Attracting bugs into your garden

You do not have to plan out an extensive wildlife garden in order to attract bugs to your garden that can help it to flourish. The following small changes can make an attractive garden even more attractive to bugs, quickly increasing the amount of wildlife that shows up.

First of all, you may be relieved to hear that you do not have to mow your lawn quite as frequently as you normally due because if you can bear the small flowers that pop up in the grass they will attract bugs by the million.  Thus, letting your lawn grow wild here and there will be an instant bug attraction.

Second, leave a small area of your garden area untouched.  It does not have to be a large area, just a spot where weeds and thistles can be left to grow because bugs love these plants even if they are unsightly so leaving them an area to fly to will mean watching them pass through your garden on a steadier basis.

Third, if you can work in a small pond in your garden and possibly toss in a few plants you will be able to attract a much larger variety of bugs to your garden.  If the water area is big enough, you also may be able to attract some birds, mammals, and amphibians into your garden as well making the time it takes to dig a small trench and plop in some marginal plants well worth it.


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