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A water feature is a great addition to any garden

2Anyone who feels as if their garden is lacking …. ‘something’, or just needs a new breath of life to give it a bit of a lift, should have a look at the great selection of garden water features that are now available. These don’t have to be expensive either and can make a great addition to any garden, irrespective of size, and are the easiest way of giving your outdoor space a makeover without spending much time or money.

Relaxing in the garden is something we Brits don’t get to enjoy as much as we would like due to the unfortunate climate but when the sun is shining like it is at the minute we are out there like a shot with the sun cream and a cold drink. Lying in the garden is relaxing enough but when you can hear water in the background it takes you to a whole different plane, and you are so relaxed you can imagine yourself being just about anywhere.

Fountains, bird baths, cascades and mini streams are just a small selection of the water features that can be picked up almost anywhere. The wide range of sizes also means that no garden is too small for a water feature, and those lucky enough to have a vast expanse of open space can really go to town and create a mini water garden with all the different styles available.

Garden ponds with water running into them are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a great way of winding down after a stressful time at work. These can be on a smaller scale using a pre-moulded pond kit or on a much bigger scale you can dig out a hole and use a pond liner to makes it waterproof before filling it. Add some lilies, a few fish and a waterfall and you have created the kid of tranquillity you don’t normally find outside of a Zen garden.

Those with limited space can make their garden very appealing with the simple inclusion of a bird bath. These are made from various materials so whatever the style of your garden you can find a water feature that suits the surroundings it is going to be situated in. For a natural look a feature that has the appearance of rock will be visually appealing, as well as giving you the sound of water in the background when you are out in the garden.

You can create a stunning water fall with very little effort just by using some plastic and rocks to make a channel for the water to run along and then have something for it to flow into. A low pressure pump, similar to one used in a fish tank, is ideal for this but make sure you buy one intended for outdoor use.

There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t give their garden a boost by adding a water feature, and a quick look online or a browse around the local garden centre will let you see for yourself exactly what you can buy, and help you make the best choice for you.



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