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104 year old gardener shares his tips on Twitter

For Ralph Hoare, a green-fingered centenarian, Twitter has become his preferred medium for sharing his horticultural suggestions. Having reached the age of 104, he still maintains a healthy passion for vegetable and rose cultivation.

Due to his age, he has to use a grabbing tool to pick up items, and a hoe for weeding. Age may have affected his knees, but not to his passion for growing these plants. His great grandchildren have picked up on his passion and despite being six and four years old respectively, they are excellent in dead heading the roses. Mr. Hoare also started gardening when he was 6 years old, in 1914. He wants the twitter generation to share his experience, spanning over a century.

You can use the Hashtag # askralph, if you have any questions for this RAF veteran and former banker who says that his love gardening has be the sourcene of his long life. Retailer Furniture Village has honoured Mr. Hoare as the oldest living gardener. The retailer came across him as they were looking for an expert to answer national horticultural questions.

On Twitter, Mr. Hoare talks of how he has sent for his annuals, and the seed potatoes in his spare bedroom, and the fact that he is waiting for dry weather to grow the onions. The blooming plants in his bedroom give him the will to live even through the winter and the hobby keeps both his mind and body active.

Mr. Hoare was born in 1908, in Plymouth and remembers his earlier days of growing Japanese anemones in Devon, where he grew up. Since his wife Dorothy died in 2007, he has tended to the garden at their Longlevens home by himself. They used to share the experience with him digging, planting and pruning while she did the weeding.

He and Dorothy were wed at St. John’s Church, Taunton Somerset and were blessed with 2 children. He now has 6 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren. He needs help when tending to his garden, since his knees are weak. The official furniture Village Twitter Account is open to questions from the public and Mr. Hoare will answer them all.


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