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Martin Mere Wetlands Centre celebrates gardening

Martin Mere Wetlands Centre in Lancashire is presenting a celebration of gardening for wildlife during the whole month of March, and it is an event that should not be missed by gardeners, would-be gardeners or just about anyone else with an interest in nature and its marvels.

The Festival of Gardening will include a multitude of events, talks, demonstrations and activities designed to inform and delight as well as to encourage the preservation of habitats for wildlife.  There will be experts to show visitors how to create their own mini-habitat, and hands-on classes for such projects as building a bug hotel and making a den out of nature’s materials.

The Wildlife and Wetlands Trust (WWT) will be offering all sorts of useful tips to gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts on how to create a sustainable environment for various species of wildlife in back yards and gardens.  Alan Titchmarsh, who is championing the event, says that conservation begins with gardening, and anyone can make a difference.  He points out that while our wildlife is certainly fragile and vulnerable to human encroachment, nature is also adaptable and quick to take advantage of any offered opportunity.


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