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World record bird seed cake

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust broke out an exceptional birthday cake for its 50th.  The wildlife charity put together what they hope to be a world record bird seed cake weighing in at 1.37 tonnes.  The previous record is held at 1.29 by Kent Wildlife Trust.  Results have been sent to Guinness Book of Records, awaiting verification.

If it isn’t a record holder, it will still be great for birds like chaffinches, gold finches, and blue tits.  When it gets cold, birds need extra energy to stay warm and, consequentially, must eat more.  Many cold and hungry birds will benefit from the Trust’s birthday cake.

A catering kettle was used to melt fat that was then poured over seed and mixed by shovels, spades, and oars.  It is estimated that the seed cake will probably feed more than 10,000 birds through the winter.  Sections of the cake will be handed out for people to put in their gardens.  You can get a piece in shopping centres in Portsmouth, Basingstoke, and Southampton.


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