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Competition to create new gardening toll for stroke victims

Glyndwr University is sponsoring a competition to create a gardening tool for victims of strokes.  Having a stroke often makes conventional gardening difficult to do.  Experts say that working in the garden could be good therapy for people having been afflicted by a stroke.

However, the actual gardening becomes quite difficult for those who have been too disabled to use conventional gardening tools.  Hence, the Stroke Association tests looking for the winning tool, while it shall be prototyped and marketed by TechSol UK.  TechSol is a product development corporation who hopes to have the new tool on the market by 2012.

The contest comes during the week of Global Entrepreneurship and is an opportunity to show students how solutions to real world problems can become creative business enterprises.  This sort of thing teaches students that they can have careers and businesses that prove to be very rewarding in terms of helping others, and earn a decent living doing it, a University representative said.

The problem with gardening tools is that some are too small for stroke victims to handle successfully and some are too large.  It will be no small-time challenge to work out an all- purpose gardening toll that will get the job done.

This is not just an implement for getting work done.  What students will create here will also be a tool for patient rehabilitation.  Many stroke patients hasten their recovery by returning to projects they enjoy and finding that they can still overcome the kind of challenges included in maintaining a garden.

Perhaps some will have thought that they lost their ability to work in their garden indefinitely, but by having such a specifically designed tool will once again find pleasure and relaxation in their little patch of earth.


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