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Wild flowers may not be what you think they are

Many of you have probably heard the term “wild flower”, but do you know what it means. A wild flower is a plant which is native to the place it is growing and it hasn’t been modified by breeding or cultivated. Wild flowers are an important part of nature and many of them have powerful healing properties which maintain the eco-system.

These flowers attract various insects, usually bees, which fertilize our crops and use the flowers for food. Growing wild flowers in your garden can greatly improve its condition and you the wildlife attracted by the flowers will certainly be interesting to observe. Many types of wild flowers can grow in dry ground or poor soil and they are the perfect choice for those unfriendly spots where other plants can’t sprout.

The Primula Vulgaris, often called primrose, is one of the most beautiful low growing wild flowers you can think of. When spring comes, it sprouts in pale yellow flowers which attract bees that feed off its nectar. If yellow is not your color then you may want to have a look at the foxglove.

This biennial plant produces pink tubular flowers which lay on a tall steam during the summer. Bees, butterflies and other types of insects love this flower and you can be sure that it will attract a lot of wildlife.

Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular wild flowers and it is often used for bouquets, but it is even more beautiful when grown in a garden. This flower is loved by hover flies and they will regularly visit it to enjoy its pollen.

Another flower which is adored by hover flies is the cornflower, a very small which is characterized by its blue color. Once, people knew it as a weed in the crop fields, but now it is a beautiful decoration.

If you want to observe the majesty of the butterflies, then you should plant the Knautia Arvensis or scabious. This plant attracts adult butterflies and its lilac colored flowers can be seen between July and September.


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