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The mating frenzy in your back garden

Currently, the most intense back garden orgies in Scotland are happening, as the toad breeding season has reached its peak and the amphibians are travelling to spawning ponds in huge numbers despite the danger of the trip.

In fact, the male toads are so eager to mate that it is not unheard of to find a female on her way back to a spawning pound with two or more male toads clinging onto her back.  Once the same female actually gets into the pond it will turn into a scrimmage of males all competing for her.  The scrimmage will be deadly for some toads since many are weak and emaciated after spending the entire winter in hibernation.

The sight is quite impressive and can be viewed in many Scottish ponds and lochs.  One of the best places to watch the amphibians procreate is the Forestry Enterprise walk found in the Unshriach Forest at Uath Lochan.

The area is quite beautiful in its own right but due to the many boardwalks that extend over the bogs you can see the masses of toads from a very close point of view.

The most astonishing part of the toad mating season is the fact that toads travel extremely long distances to mate sometimes over a mile or so which may not sound large to us, but to a small slow animal it is a huge feat that requires determination and a great inward compass.

The journey does not end at the breeding ponds however, as most toads will continue on with their journey over the countryside to wherever they feel most comfortable, including your back garden pond.


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