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Providing shelter for wild animals in your garden

We still can do our own share to help get wildlife to come to our gardens even though things seem to be improving with the protection of our wildlife in the countryside. By providing shelter and food for birds as well as other wildlife it becomes possible to lower the use of chemicals and sprays that we use in the garden and in the countryside you will be surprised by the few aphids and other insects pest you see.

Firstly it is important to have a bird table to feed birds in your garden. Besides just feeding them we need to give the bird’s shelter and a place for them to roost.  Trees can be planted if the garden is sufficiently large to not make it over crowded. Trees not only provide a roosting spot for the birds but also an area from nesting and an area to hang bird feeders.

A plentiful supply of food for birds can be accomplished by planting shrubs or trees that produce berries giving them a natural food source. One tree you may want to avoid is the Elder. Black birds love the Elder and will then deposit all over your car and washing.

Insects are another food source for birds. You can attract insects by stacking up tree trunks and other branches in a corner of the garden that is shady. These areas will provide shelter for hedgehogs and smaller mammals. Moths and butterflies can be attracted by having shrubs like Lavender or Buddleia.


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