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Garden ponds are great stress relievers

Garden ponds are great stress relievers

Garden ponds are great stress relievers

People who are suffering from stress are always on the look-out for new ways to help them relax.

Not everyone can afford to pay the extortionate price of a massage at their local beauty salon so why not head into the garden instead and use the relaxing power of nature to induce a calm sensation?

One of the best ways of attracting some of the local wildlife into your back garden is to put in a pond. This might sound a lot of stressful work, but you can always hire a professional. Even if you tackle the project yourself, many people with work-related stress find that a bit of physical activity outdoors actually helps to make them feel better.

You will find that once the pond is finished that it takes very little maintenance; there is no grass to mow and no weeding to be done as nature takes care of keeping the water clean and fresh for any creatures that choose to make your pond their home. Many home-owners even buy their own fish to give their own pond a helping hand in getting started.

Parents are often concerned that having a pond in the back garden is dangerous for young children. While the kids are very young, it is probably a good idea to have some kind of fence to keep them away from the water’s edge, bit as they get older a pond can be a great tool for teaching youngsters about the proper way to behave around water. They will probably enjoy getting involved with taking care of the fish in the pond or planting their own flowers around the edge.

For relaxation purposes, keep the area around the pond as calm and empty of clutter as possible. Set up a bench where you can sit outside by the edge of the water on sunny days and make sure that you can see the water from the house – catching a glimpse of the pond while you rush about in the kitchen might just persuade you to slow down and enjoy the view.

Not only will a pond help your mental health, but it is an environmentally friendly way of maintaining a garden too. Rather than a lawn or flower beds, covered in pesticides, a pond is all natural and can even encourage local creatures like water-dwelling insects and frogs to make their home in your garden.



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