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Create a butterfly friendly garden

To draw beautiful development and colour to your landscaping make a butterfly friendly garden, while helping in the pollination of fruit, flowers and vegetables. Sadly the expanding urbanisation and other development is making the natural habitats for butterflies smaller and smaller, leaving them fewer places to mate, lay eggs and feed.

There are a myriad of ideas for changing that trend and the gardens do not have to be large as it is easy to have plants in pots on the patio as well as those hanging baskets and window boxes.

Butterflies need plenty of sun to maintain their body temperature so it is important your garden is in the sunniest area possible. The way to entice them to come is with the different nectar sources and they love tube shape open flowers.

All butterflies begin as caterpillars and need to have host plants for food. Many of these plants are native like wildflowers that may grow close to your home. Some great choices of plants are clovers, violets and milkweeds. After it rains butterflies will congregate close to a puddle or area that is damp to get minerals from the soil as well as drink. To help butterflies to return you can maintain a water spot in the same area allows.

Butterfly gardens have become real popular and the business is booming. Butterfly farms will sell you butterflies to release at special events like a wedding. Many think the butterflies will lessen those same butterflies that may be in the bride and grooms stomachs. Butterflies and flowers go hand in hand. Many a poet has described both flowers and butterflies in the same poem and will forever.


1 comment to Create a butterfly friendly garden

  • Really enjoyed reading this blog post! I’v been trying to find a simple blog post explaing on what plants to use to help entice butterflies to gardens and you have done a superb job. Thank you for this as I now know exactly what to plant in my garden now!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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