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Country ponds will need to be replaced with back garden ones

According to a national survey published by the Pond Conservation charity ponds in Britain are in a horrible condition.  In fact, the conservation group found that most countryside ponds have a large amount of pollution from urban sprawl or fertilizer run off.

While this news is depressing, what may be more depressing is the fact that Britain’s ponds are drastically dwindling in number with over half a million disappearing within the past century.  In response, the Pond Conservation hopes to restore these ponds and wildlife over the next fifty years.

They say that garden ponds may be the saviour of the wildlife that is threatened in the countryside. For those who want to build a pond themselves, construction does not have to be out of your hands if you have a modest plan for your pond.  A 3m long and 1m wide hole can be enough for a pond completed with cheap waterproof lining over heavy duty polythene and turf.

Once the framework is completed water should evenly fill up the hole so that the liner is no longer visible.  At this point the only thing left to do is tuck the liner edges into the turf and clean up the area.

To draw wildlife into your pond, you may want to think about getting some water weed from area ditches and purchase a few plants such as irises, kingcups, and primula.

After this the only thing you need to wait for is wild life to come to your pond, which often includes simple beauties such as dragonflies, frogspawn, newts, and pond skaters.


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