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Recycle your old bicycle… for your garden

Recycle your old bicycle..

Recycle your old bicycle..

All you need to create a romantic feature in your garden is an old bike and a basketweave panier to fill with flowers. This feature will evoke memories of nostalgia as you gaze upon the flower filled panier. Use spring flowers and plant them in a nostalgic manner to make a feature that will be a real talking point.

Either stand the panier next to the bike, or clip it to it and have the bike leaning against a wall that is covered in trailing Ivy. This is not a feature that needs a lot of space so whatever size garden or courtyard you can create this feature. Let the bike start to rust and take on the patina of age, and simply replant your flowers each year.

Just follow the steps below.

Step One

Cut tracing paper to fit one side of a wooden box, planter or bin. Use a soft pencil to draw a basket weave pattern (ours is a ribbon weave which is the simple weaving under and over of raffia) on the tracing paper. Tape the paper in position and trace the pattern down.

Step Two

Fix an engraving cutter into the Dremel Hobby 7700 multi-tool and carve the pattern.

Step Three

Add detail to the carving with the multi-tool and engraving cutter. If you want to attach the basket to the bicycle or garden wall, drill two holes in the top sides of the ‘panier’ using the multi-tool with the wood drill bit and attach with strong metal clips. Alternatively, stand the basket to one side of the bicycle to form a ‘picture’ on the wall of your courtyard. Then, either place chickenwire into the internal space within the wooden ‘panier’ and create a cut flower display – or fill the box with soil and plant with lovely roses and trailing ivy.

Step Four

Add box balls in tubs to your courtyard to continue the whimsical theme. Continually clip into shape using a shrub shear.

Materials required :

Dremel Hobby 7700 multi-tool
Engraving cutters 106 and 107
Wood drill bit 636
Large wooden box or planter
Old broken bicycle
Spring flowering plants

For more info, visit the Dremel website:




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