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Pop-up gazebos for wildlife watching

Pop Up GazeboAs weather forecasters entice us with the possibility that this summer may be a hot one, it means that we can enjoy sitting in the sunshine and watch natures interaction with wildlife before our eyes.

For butterfly admirers the long days and warm summers brings them out in abundance in an array of colour and species making it enjoyable to recognise the variety that nature provides us with. We can also look forward to the vast variety of birds that make a return after migrating to warmer climates during the winter months to breed and rear their young such as chiffchaffs, swallows and house martins. And then there is the collection of insects that grace our gardens bringing even more colour and life to our gardens.

One thing to remember is to look after yourself and be careful of when observing nature in the summer. You want to make sure that you drink plenty and use sun tan lotion so that you don’t burn or suffer from heat exhaustion. Alternatively you could opt to buy a pop up gazebo (without sides) which you can put up and take down so that you can stay in the shade throughout the day.


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