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Garden wood preservation

The use of wood for outdoor purposes such as decking, fences, arbours and other decorative and basic structural features always involves depreciation by the elements that include (but aren’t limited to) rain and insects.  Wooden structures will eventually decay and crumble into dust, but they will take a lot longer to do so if they are treated with a wood preservative.  The difference in the time factor here can be decades.

If you are planning to include wooden structures and surfaces in patios, decks, railings or any other place that is open to the sky and therefore to the elements, it makes good sense to use wood that has been pre-treated to withstand the attacks of moisture and wood-eating insects. It makes even better sense to buy pre-treated wood that is not classified as potential hazardous waste, as defined by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

One such product is wood treated with Tannalith® E preservative, approved by both Health and Safety and the Biocidal Products Directive as environmentally safe.  The trademark preservative also offers a 15-year guarantee against termites/insects and decay.  For all practical purposes  Tannalith® E provides an ideal treatment to save you time and money in the long run.

The manufactures suggest that once installed, the wooden surfaces and inserts should be washed down about once year to remove accumulated dirt and mould, but you will not need to re-apply preservative. They also warn that any shavings or pieces of the treated wood should not be used for mulch or as bedding or litter for animals, as they do contain biocides.  Also, after handling the treated wood wash your hands thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking, for the same reason.

Given all the advantages, using properly treated wood for garden and lawn purposes is the most practical way to go.  It will look great and help protect the environment whilst saving you money and time in repairs and replacement.


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