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Eco-friendly garden furniture

Although eco-friendly furniture for the garden is still fairly new, there are a few products out there on the market that hold up under weather pressure soon which will last for a long time, and give good service.

Only a few products on the market are actually made out of recycled material 100% and also only a few that make use of old materials in order to create a new product.  Thus, now the market has shifted and what makes a product truly green depends on how long it can last as well as how it can contain chemical exposure, environmental damage, and how recyclable that item will be in the future.

With this in mind, some products are better for nature then others.  For instance, lawn furniture that is made from moulded plastic comes in many different colours and will never require staining or painting; which means that it is waterproof and free of copper sulphate and other toxins.

In fact, 31% of the aluminium used in these products is recycled and the percentage continues to increase so that you can recycle it again in the future if you decide that you want new styles of garden furniture later on.

Wood furniture will not last as long as plastic if it is not properly maintained thus teak furniture should not be purchased if you believe that it is earth friendly because in fact it is resulting in wide forest devastation.


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