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Can a garden office be a professional environment?


A few years ago, a garden office was sometimes a bit of a DIY thing, making use of a half converted shed at the end of the garden. Cold in winter, draughty or boiling hot in summer, it didn’t exactly offer prestigious comfort. As for communication and mod cons, you might have been lucky to have had a landline, a heater and hopefully the odd power point or two. Of course sharing your office with a few spiders, eager for the sunny warmth and a good catch, was also a hazard.

Thanks to modern technology, redundancies and rising business costs, an increasing number of highly professional businesspeople set up office at home. As this soon began to mean other hazards such as distraction and interruptions, the demand for ‘out of home and in the garden’ has escalated.

A company based in Ashton-under-Lyne is at the forefront of cutting edge design and technology to meet the standards and expectations of today’s busy entrepreneurs. A bespoke garden building project is perfectly possible for those whose needs do not match the standard range of structures. Atelier will take away the stress by taking care of necessities such as planning permission and building control. In so doing, they eliminate the need for an architect, avoiding further costs, whilst keeping you reliably informed of progress.

The latest design that Atelier has developed is a fabulous garden office with a bespoke folding door system. This surely heralds the dawn of the modern professional working from home in a truly professional environment. This door system will open a garden office to a summer breeze, yet keep the office delightfully warm during the colder months. No more uncomfortable draughts knowing your centrally heated living room with a laptop, is not the answer.

Imagine opening the door to a fabulous garden office, with super thermal efficiency on energy consumption. The folding sliding door system is created bespoke for every Atelier garden office, and is one of the slimmest systems on the market, measuring just 111mm glass-to-glass when closed. Concerns about natural light are eliminated with the slender frames allowing the door system to enjoy an abundance of light to filter in when the doors are closed. Conversely, when the doors are open, you will feel that you are sitting right in the garden.

What about security? Isn’t this going to be a rather shaky, flimsy structure that is likely to be a risk, particularly when it will hold expensive equipment and important documents? Well, despite the minimal structure, the company’s folding sliding doors are tough and robust, providing excellent security for a garden office.

When it comes to holding business meetings, your business associates, clients and staff will admire and envy you. They will certainly enjoy a meeting, sitting on the veranda, al fresco.

It’s hardly surprising the Atelier garden office structures are attracting so much attention. When the only distraction you are likely to get is a visiting bumble bee or curious butterfly, what a working man’s dream.

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