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New Outdoor LED Wall Lights use much less power

New Outdoor LED Wall Lights use much less power

New Outdoor LED Wall Lights use much less power

Ulverston have recently announced that they are going to be adding energy efficient outdoor wall lights to their collection of LEDs. These lights use the latest technology in order to deliver the greatest amount of light for the least amount of power. Additionally, these bulbs rarely need to be replaced, so the hassle of changing the outside light is something that is going to have to take place much less regularly.

These bulbs utilise a very intelligent design, which is a good combination of reliability and style. The bulbs are capable of delivering 400 lumens of power, with just six watts of electricity, which is the same amount of light that a traditional 40 watt bulb will emit. This will mean some significant savings on your energy bills.

Light is emitted from both ends of the lamp, giving a fantastic up and down wall wash and grazing effects. The light beams are highly directional with a 45 degree viewing angle, making the lamps very suitable for installation at lower levels to provide step and obstruction lighting.

The new Wall Lights are housed in a robust aluminium casing protected against dust and liquid spray from all directions, and an operating temperature between -20 to +60 degrees C, provides year round illumination. Typically, they will last for over ten years with 8-10 hours of daily use.




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