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Latest camera technology brings nature up close and personal

The television programmes Autumnwatch and Springwatch are using camera technology that allow us to get an even more detailed view of animals than ever before. The new camera technology has meant that we are able to see birds and other animals living in their natural environments in a way we have not seen before.

It is not just television companies that are able to view nature in this way and there are cheap technologies that allow us to view nature ourselves. Cameras can be bought and installed into nest boxes and they allow us to remotely view what is happening from a computer or television. It is even possible to view what is happening at night in the bird boxes through the use of an infrared camera.

If you want to get the best experience then you would be wise to purchase a colour camera. These are not very much more expensive than the black-and-white versions and are definitely worth the extra money. It is also possible to buy these bird boxes with pre-installed cameras, but you can also easily fit the camera yourself without too much trouble.

The most reliable type of camera system to install is one that has wires leading to your television. Unfortunately, this is only possible for people who’ve installed the bird box not too far away from the house. There are other options however, and some bird box cameras can be viewed wirelessly.

A nest box should be put somewhere in the garden where it is unlikely to be disturbed and should be quite a distance off the ground so predators cannot reach the birds. You should also be aware of other methods a predator could get into the bird box.

Considering the trees that cats could climb up, or things they could jump from, is essential. It is best to install the bird box in February as this will mean it is most likely to be occupied by the spring; it is possible to install it all year round however.

When the birds leave the bird box, make sure that you clear it out properly as this will encourage birds to come back by the next season. You should be careful about doing this and wear a mask as well as gloves to protect yourself from any bacteria. Having a clean bird box will make a big difference as to whether birds come to nest in your garden.


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