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Gardening Footwear and Gloves

When you’re working in the garden strong shoes and gloves are very important to ensure that you’re well protected as you go about your work. Often when you’re in the garden you’ll have to be pulling at weeds and branches and other nuisances in your garden, and often this can be quite trying on your hands. Buying good protective gloves therefore is a must, and you’ll be able to find lots of different kinds if you look online or in your local garden centre, and in many cases you’ll be able to find them in different sizes for women, men and children so that everyone in the family can help out in the garden. Most of these gloves are made from a densely woven fabric, and these are good for light garden duties or for simply keeping your hands clean whilst you work. Other, more heavy duty gloves, are classed as “all purpose” and have a special latex coating to protect your hand from sharp branches or thorns in the garden, and are also water proof for working with ponds and wet soil or compost.

As for shoes, we all need waterproof shoes that are strong and sturdy when we’re in the garden, especially if we have a pond or large patches of soil that we need to walk across in order to plant flowers or vegetables and then harvest them when they’re ripe. You can find comfortable clog shoes, which are made from the same durable latex coated plastic that wellingtons are made from and comfortable pump style garden shoes made from the same materials. These not only ensure that your feet stay clean and dry as you work, but you can also be assured that they will stop your shoes being punctured by any sharp stones in the soil or any sticking out branches that you might stand on. You can find these gardening shoes in all shapes and sizes, including strong men’s shoes, and if you’re looking for basic wellingtons you can usually find them in an exciting range of different colours to make you feel more individual as you garden. The same goes for gloves, whilst many of the men’s’ gloves are plain colours, a lot of the women’s and children’s gloves that you can buy from stores come with lovely patterns like ladybirds or flowers to make them more quirky and fun. These kinds of pretty items are perfect for getting children to help outdoors!


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