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Building your own greenhouse

At least at some time it is likely you dreamed of owning your own greenhouse. They have great benefits like being healthy, relaxing and extremely fun. Now is the time to convert your thoughts to reality. The environment is in need of your help and it is time that we all pitch in together to give the environment the gift of life.

The thought of building your own greenhouse may never have entered your mind because you probably think it to be too difficult. The truth of the matter is that it is much easier than most may think. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to build one it is something you can be very proud of when finished.

The key to start is to build it where there will be a great deal of sun. And eastern and western exposure is best and that is even more important if you will be growing fruits and vegetables. This exposure enhances the amount of sun light. Do not worry if only semi shaded areas are your choice, they work as well.

Salvaged materials in construction will keep your costs down so you can invest more in irrigation and heating systems. Where you live will depend if you need to prepare for cold weather by using insulation are if you are in a warm area you may need shade control.

Siding for your greenhouse could be fibreglass or glass. Both are durable and do not break as easy as plastic. Adequate ventilation is needed as well as good humidity control. The plants you want to raise will determine the climate control you keep. Ventilation is one of the biggest keys to a successful greenhouse, without it your plants will suffer tremendously. Go green and enjoy what you can do on your own and at the same time help the environment.




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