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Believe it or not we are still in a drought, rain garden kit may be the answer

Uk drought, rain garden kit , ,The Environment Agency

Uk drought, rain garden kit , ,The Environment Agency

The UK experienced a rather wet summer, but The Environment Agency has recently said that some parts of the country are still in drought. A Rain Garden Kit is a great way to make use of rainwater that falls on your roof. You can find these kits at and they come in an exciting range that offers an innovative use for excess rainwater.

The owner of the company is Chris Killingbeck and he started up a year ago. He has commented, “I’m surprised at the amount of interest we have had in people who want to start a rain garden. People are beginning to realise that water is a precious commodity and by harvesting rainwater in the autumn it can be used in the spring when planting occurs. Rainwater is the perfect kind of water for growing a great deal of plants, these kits can be especially appealing to children and will give them a very positive experience of nature and gardening.”

This is no new invention, people in drier areas have been storing rain for centuries. In areas which are heavily populated the harvesting of rainwater has become common as the amount of water available becomes less. This is becoming true in the United Kingdom, where as once water was not meted many water companies are starting to install devices to limit how much your house can use. Cities are particularly poor at using their rainwater as it generally it simply flows into a sewer.

Rain garden kits have been described as an easy way to make your garden more environmentally friendly, they are easy to build and affordable. They are also not limited to people who live in the countryside, and compact ones are available for people who have small gardens in urban areas.

Chris has commented about the product, “water butts are something commonly used in a lot of gardens, but once they have reached capacity any overflow water simply goes into the sewer. These rain gardens take this overflow water and use it for growing vegetables or filling ponds. One of the most popular kits we offer is the herb wheel, which retails for less than £100. This can stand alone or form part of a larger rain garden.”

2011 saw more rainfall than 2010 but has been drier than the three years prior to that, according to figures from the Met office. An advocate of rain gardens is Don Potts, he is an environmental consultant and has commented, “there are water shortages going on all over the world, even in this country we are seeing droughts quite regularly. A Rain Garden Kit is a great way to establish valuable mini wetlands which are a valuable contributor to the environment as the benefits a great deal of wild animals.” If you want to find out more about starting your own rain garden then visit the company’s website at




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