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Buying a Summerhouse

8 Things To Consider When Buying A Summerhouse

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a nice summerhouse to spice up your garden for the summer times (or even the winter times) then you’ll know that there are hundreds of different options available out there! Summerhouses are a great way to extend you living space and make the most out of your home, and they add value to your property when the time does come to sell up and move on.

Unfortunately though, as with many things in life, nothing is quite as simple as it at first seems. There are a lot of things that you need to think about when getting a summer house, and here are 8 things that you should think about before you purchase your own home in the garden!

  • Planning permission – setting up a summerhouse or shed in the garden is not quite as simple as just building it, painting it and making it homely. Chances are, depending on the size, intended use and location of the summerhouse in the garden you will need to apply for planning permission to get a shed. If you want to find out more about whether you will need planning permission for your garden shed, here is a planning permission calculator that will assist you in deciding whether you need planning permission for your summerhouse or not (
  • Foundations/bases – your summerhouse may require a solid foundation/base for it to sit on depending on its size and what you will be using it for. If you are planning on getting quite a sizable summerhouse, or you want to use it to store heavy items (or using it as a gym for example) then you will certainly need a solid base. Another factor here is how soft the soil in your garden is, but no matter what happens you don’t want your shed to collapse because its base is not strong enough!
  • The thickness of the wood – this one may seem like a no brainer to you, but the thickness of the wood used is an important aspect of how strong your summer house will end up. Thinner wood (less than 20mm) is an okay thickness for something like a normal storage shed, but if you want something that will last a little longer, and will be used regurlarly you should be looking at 35mm+ to guarantee the buildings longevity.
  • Windows, thickness and construction – the windows in your summerhouse will welcome in those summer rays, but you should ensure that you are getting joinery made windows with toughened glass on your summerhouse. This will make the windows less susceptible to breakages, less likely to leak and if they do break, it will break more safely. A huge benefit to anyone with kids!
  • The paint finish – it may only be the paint, but it still makes a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of the building. Ensure that you get a prime, high quality finish with a paint colour that fits in with the rest of your garden.
  • Position in the garden – it’s fairly obvious to say, but you need to get your summerhouse facing the right way and in the correct place in your garden, because you won’t be able to move it afterwards. Think about where the sun will shine, how easy it will be to get in and out of and finally the privacy that it will offer in each location within your garden.
  • Doors – the doors on your summerhouse will be the focal point from the front of the building, and they will be the most opened, used aspects of the sheds design. You need to ensure that the doors will be big enough, and look great in line with the rest of the summerhouse!
  • How will you power the sheds contents – if you are getting a summerhouse for your garden, chances are you will want power outlets in there for lamps, TV’s, stereos or any other things you require. You will need an electrical pack installed if you want in built power outlets, and you will need to wire the summerhouse up from your house.

We hope you found this piece interesting, you should now be ready to go out and install the summer house of your dreams! Whatever it is you choose, be sure to enjoy your summerhouse all year round. It’s a great investment that will keep on giving, far into the future.


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