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Worms are a lot more important to a garden than people think

Worms are one of the most important elements of keeping a lawn in great condition. They do this by digging holes through the soil which allows your lawn to remain aerated. The holes that are dug by worms also serve another purpose as they allow water to enter the soil when it rains to keep the grass, and other plants hydrated.

Worms also serve an aesthetic purposes they take the various forms of debris that fall on your lawn and consume them. For example, many leaves that fall on your lawn will be consumed by worms and turned into soil. Worms are fantastic in their natural environments, but it is also possible to harness their power and use it in a controlled way, namely, by installing a worm composting bin.

Composting has a huge number of advantages and as well as providing you with a great deal of fertile compost every year, it also gives you peace of mind as you are helping to save the environment. Everything that is composted is not sent to landfill, which is a very harmful thing for the environment.

Compost that has been made by worms is incredibly fertile and is certainly some of the most fertile that you can find. It is often the case that the compost that is made by these worms is so rich in nutrients that it actually needs to be watered down before it is used.

There are also several other advantages of using compost that has been facilitated by worms. For one, the worms destroy any seeds that have been composted, which means that, unlike with traditional compost, you are unlikely to get weeds growing where you used your compost. Furthermore, worms allow you to compost your weeds, which would be a mistake if you weren’t taking the precaution to kill the seeds first.


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