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The sun brings out the colours of the garden

The sun’s sudden arrival brought about a burst of variety and colour into gardens. You could feel the character of the soft new greens burst into life at the sight of the sun’s bright glare. It would be impossible not to fall head over heels for all that splendor. It was a shame that my husband never got the chance to enjoy this glorious sight with me; as a sufferer of cystic fibrosis he spent a majority of his tine in hospital receiving treatment

It became a morning routine of mine; during breakfast I would just stare out into the garden and admire the colour and vibrancy. This was not the end as I repeated this routine over lunch; once was never enough for me.

It came to the point that staring was not enough, so I used to go into the garden, sandwich in hand got stuck in; pulling weeds till my fingers could not handle the fatigue anymore. No matter the amount of sweat and occasionally tears that it brought me, it all becomes worth it in the end.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to take the place of Oliver Berkeman. Rewind by a couple of pages if happiness is what you are after. On the other hand if you want some uplifting, or are looking for something a little different then you are in the right place; gardening is just the thing for you.

Don’t worry about lumping around tools with you as your fingers are the best tools at your disposal. When you are there, life passes by so quickly, after all time does fly when one is having fun

It’s been scientifically proven that the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae does a lot to raise the spirits of anyone it comes into contact with. It does so by elevating serotonin levels in its host, as evidenced by the mice that were used in the experiment



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