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Save the planet with good garden irrigation

Water is the most prevalent items on earth with 71% of the earth covered by the wet substance, and without it life would not be possible.  It is a given that water is essential for living organisms to survive, however, by 2025 there are estimates that half of the world’s population may have trouble finding drinking water that is clean.

While it may not seem that gardening may have anything to do with this problem, in truth it can because if you do not irrigate your garden correctly you may be contributing to the problem that is growing.    Thus, if you are not sure if you are irrigating correctly you may want to read the following tips first.

First of all, you need to consider what the right type of irrigation is for your garden’s needs, for example some people use a drip irrigation system while others use a sprinkler irrigation system and still others use both.  For the most part, sprinkler heads are used on lawns because drip irrigation is not a choice.  Spray heads can also be calibrated so that flower beds can be sprayed at the same time that the lawn is sprayed.

However, while this may be the cheapest way to go because one large head will cover a large area of your yard, it is not efficient and a great deal of water is loss due to evaporation.

On the other hand, a drip irrigation system that is installed by a professional will offer each plant the adequate amount of water that it needs to survive at the roots.  Since the water is aimed at the base to reduce evaporation much less water is wasted and plants will be protected from mildew and other diseases that can grow on wet leaves.


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