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RSPB encouraging councils not to cut hedges and grass

The RSPB and Conwy County Council stated that choosing not to cut hedgerows and grass until the end of the summer can actually be beneficial to the garden. This is due to the fact that in the few weeks before cutting native birds and mammals will have a protected habitat and food supply from the wild meadow flowers.

The Conwy County Council has allowed some areas of their grounds and park regions to grow wild since 2003 and has experienced great results.  For instance, instead of cut lawns in front of the Onrth Wales Police HQ, there are wild orchids.

Biodiversity Project officer, Anne Butler, stated that the key to bringing in pretty flowers is to not mow until the end of August.  Butler added that after mowing you need to collect the cuttings because most soil is too fertile for wild flowers, but when the cuttings are taken off once a year the fertility of the soil is reduced so that flowers have a shot at popping up.

For those that want to push the process along, Butler also suggests taking off a layer of top soil from the ground which will help uncover soil that does not have artificial nutrients in it.

Butler also mentioned the headquarters at the Police HQ by stating that the natural slope of the area helped the orchid growth out since it was not as fertile.  She added that the orchids are usually best in the end of June and every year it seems a larger variety is coming back.


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