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RHS backs plan to teach gardening in schools

The RHS has conducted a report that has revealed that teaching gardening in schools can be of great help to kids in their sense of self worth and well being as well as their other studies. There seems to be other three R’s that children can get guidance once they complete their school gardening, and they are “Ready to learn, Resilient and Responsible.

The RHS report has made very bold claims about the benefits of school gardening. However, I may not be in a position to know if the claims are true or not but I support the gardening curriculum.

Even if I may be too old to remember my school days, I can still remember the endless hours I spent behind the desk and every time I got the chance to move out and around, was a great reward no matter the teacher’s ulterior motive.

Going out therefore is a beneficial thing for kids; however, if gardening is valuable or not, I may not be sure about that.

Dame Gillian Pugh introduces the report as follows: There are usually very few rewarding experiences for both children and adults that can be greater than watching seeds that you have sown grow into beautiful flowers and vegetable that you can even pick and eat.

However, this is not what I can attribute happens on my end. I have spent a lot of money and several hours trying to encourage my kids to garden. We have planted seeds, picked peas, strawberries, and even cut flowers.

My eight-year-old child and I have ended up creating several fairy gardens and planted window boxes too. However, the result is usually the same. After we have done some gardening for around 10 to 15 minutes, she usually has had enough and wanders off to start an argument with the sister and I am then left to finish off.


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