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Permaculture gardens taking root

Permaculture gardens use practices and techniques that combine the best out of a variety of gardening techniques including edible landscaping, wildlife gardening, and native plant cultivation so that gardens can be turned into a system that is self-contained, productive, and low-maintenance.

With the growing awareness of sustainability, it is best to create a garden landscape that mimics nature, so that space is used wisely and material is recycled, which is the basis of the idea that surrounds permaculture.

There are however, many different approaches to permaculture, one of which is known as the Keyhole Garden.  The Keyhole Garden is best for those who only have a small space to work with, and want to be able to access their garden from all sides.  It is common for these gardens to be shaped in a circular or horseshoe pattern, with raised beds so that you do not have to bend over too much.

Another popular form of permaculture gardening is taking the available space you have and using it at your disposal by creating vertical gardening opportunities out of trellises or a hanging garden.  The basic premise is to make full use of all space and keeping the plants that needs the most maintenance closest to you.

The main focus of a healthy permaculture garden is excellent soil that contains insects and worms so that the soil stays healthy for plants.   All wastes from the gardens can then be used as fertilizer for other parts of your yard.


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