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Organic v conventional gardening

When we talk about farming and gardening methods, there are just usually two classifications that ate taken note of, that of the organic, and that of the conventional. However, if the goal is to have a more eco-friendly space, without wasting time or money that comes with going completely organic, then integrated pest management may be a good compromise.

IPM actually applies different ecological principles and ways to limit pests, but in the event that these do not work, they are willing to look into chemical pesticides as a last ditch effort. IPM is not new, it is about 25 years old and has most been applied in farms, however, who is to say that this cannot be used for home gardens too. Here are ways to make it work for your own garden at home:

Make it easy by pre-selecting plants that are already pest-resistant, you can also choose plants that are known to thrive in your region, and plants that you have observed that have done well in your garden, with your type of water and soil in particular. Another popular method is companion planting meaning pairing plants with other plants so that all of them are kept at a good state.

Remember to keep plants as healthy as you can, because weak plants will be prone to more pest damage. To do this, one needs to take into account the soil, the water and the weeds that may “attach” the plants.

Insects are not always the enemy as they can even help plants become healthier. However, tread carefully when it comes to these critters and know which ones contribute to your plant’s betterment or its demise. Try to figure out what happens to the little eco-system in your garden if you take one or more of these insects away.

If you’re having problems with insects, try to remedy the issue with natural pest control first, before resorting to artificial and chemical pest control. Also, when using chemical control, only apply it to the worst hit areas. Always remember that chemicals are the very last resort, so that your plants enjoy as much natural care as possible.






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