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New MO Bacter fertiliser targets autumn sales

New MO Bacter fertiliser targets autumn sales

New MO Bacter fertiliser targets autumn sales

Earlier this year, DJ Turfcare launched a brand new 7.5kg bag for award winners MO Bacter, and these were specifically for the garden centre market.

The garden centres in Scotland, which were the first to try it out, found that the product was flying off their shelves during the wet summer months we have has this year, which proved to be perfect conditions for this new organic lawn fertilisers which eliminates moss.

This award winning product, in its attractive eye catching packaging is now being targeted by garden centres in the south for autumn sales.

The granular, organic lawn fertiliser that is known as MO Bacter destroys moss as well as eliminating debris through a bacterial action, which also means the end of raking.

The product was recently featured on the BBC Scottish TV series Beechgrove Garden, where praise was heaped upon it for its success in trials on the moss infested lawns. This new sized bag treats up to 75sq metres, whilst the 20kg bag will treat up to 200sq metres.

“This year’s wet summer months have created the perfect environment for continued sales of MO Bacter,” said managing director David Jenkins. “Because the product needs damp and warm conditions to operate effectively we have not been hit with the usual slower sales that would have been caused by a drought.”

MO Bacter, from Viano of Belgium, is a totally organic product which eliminates moss and fertilises lawns without the need for raking debris.

It won the Turf Professional ‘Product of the Year’ at a national golf industry show and has since received much praise from both professionals and amateur gardeners alike.

MO Bacter is an organic slow-release granular fertiliser which eradicates moss, feeds grass and improves the soil. Scarifying after treatment is not necessary. Lawns are fed for six weeks with one application.

Moss dies as a result of excess potassium but leaves no black debris. The dead moss is then digested by the bacteria in MO Bacter (npk: 5-5-20). The product does not stain stonework, patios or paths.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has seen remarkable results in which two inches of moss at one cemetery in Oxfordshire was virtually eliminated in six months, with no need for scarifying to remove debris. And headstones are completely unmarked.

Renowned tennis head groundsman Eddie Seaward tested MO Bacter and said he found it to be “very effective and very efficient. The product is harmless to animals and wildlife and will not damage border plants.

“This product is revolutionising the way moss is treated on grass near stonework,” says David Jenkins. DJ Turfcare is the sole distributor in the UK for Viano fertilisers.





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