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New camera developed to capture nocturnal wildlife

If you are interested in seeing how animals behave in the night time, it can be difficult because they prefer to operate in the dark, and often have much better night vision than humans. For this reason the Infra Red Wildlife Trail camera has been developed. This is a camera that uses infrared technology to allow you to see animals in the dark, and capture them on film.

Some cameras use a flash to capture animals in the night-time, but this is not an ideal way of doing things as the flash can disturb the animals so they do not behave naturally. Also, if you set up the camera and leave it to take pictures automatically, the flash can attract the attention of humans, who might steal it.

Infrared is a technology that allows you to see the animals, without them being able to see you. This camera, by Spypoint has several high-powered infrared emitters and an HD camera to capture the recorded footage. The cameras emitters put out light that is invisible to the human eye but can be picked up by an infrared sensor.

Capturing animals using this type of cameras made it easier than ever before. The size of modern memory cards has meant that many lengthy videos can be captured without running out of space. Once these images have been captured and videos recorded, it is then very easy to take the memory card out of the camera and transfer the images and video to the computer.

Additionally, many of the cameras that are available to take infrared pictures, have an LCD screen on the back that will allow you to review the pictures you have taken on site. You should also be wary of security, as these cameras can be expensive, and unless you secure them, they are easy to steal.


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