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More to organic gardening than meets the eye

There are some tips you should be aware of if you are planning on starting an organic garden. There is more to organic gardening than just planting your garden and not using pesticides and chemicals.

There needs to be an ecosystem that your garden is part of meaning you need to plant things such as alyssum, cumin, fennel, dill and ammi majus to attract insects such as lacewings, ladybugs and others making the garden organic since they insects will eat the pests making for an excellent alternative to pesticides.

By feeding the organisms in the garden you are helping your plants to flourish they break down that matter and that is what will feed the plants. Making your compost is very important to nourishing the soil. Anything that can be broke down naturally is compost such as fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, mushrooms, eggshells and more.

One great way to keep away pests is growing garlic cloves. Even though it is important that a certain number of pests do come to the garden it is equally important to keep away certain pests as well. These other pests attract lady bugs that in turn kill the pests. There may be a bit of plant damage visible but that is the natural course of the garden and the plants will recuperate once the ladybugs have killed off the pests.

Having an organic garden will help to cut your costs by not paying for such expensive organic fruits and vegetables. It is as simple as creating an ecosystem and a compost and then you have the organic garden you wanted and help keep the family healthy by eating organic products.


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