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Make sure you use sustainable wood in your garden

Most people don’t think twice about when they are buying wood, but it is very important to remember that if wood is not farmed in a sustainable way then it is very damaging to the environment. By buying wood furniture that you when you don’t worry where it comes from, you could be encouraging a form of business that destroys the environment.

One of the best types of wood to buy if you are concerned about sustainability is teak. Teak is a type of wood that is very sustainable, although there are some companies that do not source it in a sustainable manner. If you buy your furniture from Faraway Furniture, you’re only going to get teak has come from a plantation.

This company work in Indonesia where the government mandates that every tree that is planted, another one has to be grown. This is a very ethical way of sourcing wood, and should leave your conscience at ease about what sourcing wood is doing to the environment.

Teak is a particularly useful wood for the garden because it does not tend to rot as easily as some other types. This is especially true if you choose to go for Grade A teak, which has a very low moisture level when compared to some other grades of wood which are not as good. This low moisture level means that the wood is less likely to rot, it also means that less maintenance is needed on your part.

Teak is a very strong wood and for this reason it has been popular in construction for a very long time. It was in fact used to construct warships in the 18th century and this just goes to show how resistant it was to rotting in water. It also doesn’t require chemical treatment to give it this property, which is another beneficial thing for the environment.


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