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Green gardening to make your garden greener

Green gardening is not as tough of a task as it may seem at first glance, and there are plenty of good reasons why you should take a second look at green gardening tips. This is due to the fact that reusing, reducing, and recycling are a great way to reduce the costs of gardening while also helping out the environment.

If you make use of your leftovers you will also have some great fertilizer that you can use in your garden and may even be able to save on watering if you make sure that you leave a few inches between the plants so that water slowly evaporates into the ground while still feeding the plants.

Another great and easy green gardening tip to follow includes spending a bit more money on expensive equipment that you can use while gardening. This is because it will be a higher quality and last longer so that you can use it for several years instead of replacing it every year. The upside of this is not only that you will save money over time, but you will also be able to reduce the amount of rubbish you toss in landfills.

You also might want to think about investing in hand tools since they are much more environmentally friendly than petrol and electric equipment. If you spend a bit more on the hand tools you can make sure that they are extremely efficient and very strong.

Finally, you want to make sure that you do not use any pesticides in your garden and that you choose to use a non-toxic weed killer so that you do not destroy the environment or hurt the local wildlife at all. You want bugs in your garden because they will help fertilize the soil.



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