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Get the eco balance right in your garden

Get the balance right in your garden and you can have a fully-functioning ecosystem. If you         encourage the right kinds of predators to your organic garden, insects such as ladybirds and bees, insect eating birds, spiders, frogs and toads you can effectively control pests.

For insects such as ladybirds and bees, plant plenty of brightly-coloured plants and flowers, then the pollen will spread far and wide, attracting many more

insects and other creatures. With more insects, naturally the spider population will flourish. It is estimated that about 9 in 10 insects are actually beneficial around the garden, contrary to the ‘creepy-crawly’ image they portray.

You can attract birds by planting trees and shrubs and setting up a bird table, although make sure the       table is out of the reach of flying cats. Creating a pond and/or other water feature will not only attract frogs and toads but will also provide a source of drink for the huge amount of wildlife you will now have in your garden.

Make sure you build in plenty of shelter for the frogs and toads; little rock piles for instance, and plant vegetation in the pond as they like to shelter and be camouflaged.

Not to forget the soil and grass in your gardens, of course, both of which are home to tens of thousands of the little creatures. Put plenty of organic matter in your soil, manure mulches, bark and so on to encourage a diversity of wildlife. Ensure your grass is lush by re-turfing or aerating the surface and through regular watering and mowing.

A well-looked after garden will attract the wildlife you want to your garden and help to eliminate the wildlife you don’t.


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