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Energy Efficient Gardening

2If you are looking to reduce your electrical bill and still keep it green, you can Shop Texas Electricity and see who offers the best rates and the greenest energy. One of the main ways to keep your bills down and remain green is to ensure the best insulation possible. This is good even in your gardening as well. Your green house can be sealed and insulated to ensure your heating bill remains as low as you can get it. There are many other ways to help keep your home energy efficient through landscaping and gardening.

Protecting your home from wind and sun is the first step in this process. By planting shrubs and trees that shade your house from the sun and keep cold winter winds by planting “wind breaks”, you can save a lot of money in your heating and cooling costs. Mid winter and mid summer energy bills are the highest and often dip to far into our wallets. They are easily prevented with a little forethought and planning.

Conserving water through Xeriscaping is another way to keep costs down through gardening. There are seven ways to be successful in xeriscape:

  • careful design
  • climate-specific plant selection
  • limited turf
  • improved soil
  • efficient irrigation
  • mulching and maintenance

Again, proper planning is key to successful green energy efficient gardening. You will be amazed at what you can do and save with this process. Gardening should be fun as well, so enjoy yourself and don’t make it out to be a job. Your whole family can help and the kids will love being out doors with your. Children absolutely love to garden and make things grow. They love to help with the planning process as well, so ask for their advice as you make your plans. They just may surprise you.

With National Gardening Week rapidly approaching, you can get together with your local gardening clubs or neighbors to swap ideas as well as plants. Garden parties are a lot of fun and people can teach others how gardening can help them become more energy efficient. In this way we can encourage more people to garden and be green!

Now is the perfect time to start those seedlings that you want to plant in your garden. There are many different ways to go about it, but if you have never tried it before, you can find seedling kits at your local store. Just pick what you want to grow, as well as and enclosed ecosystem seedling tray and the recommended soil. With just a little bit of effort, your seedlings will begin to sprout in just a few days and be ready for planting within a week. There are also easy to plant vegetable gardens, that you just roll out over your growing soil and water. They are guaranteed to grow and are so easy children can do it. You can pick from many different types of vegetables or herbs to grow.  So, get out there and work those green fingers and become green energy efficient at the same time.


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