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Eco friendly homeowners need to remember the garden

Many homeowners take easy steps to make sure that their homes are environmentally friendly such as replacing light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs or taking the time to purchase energy efficient appliances.

However, making a few changes inside the home is not the only way that a home can become environmentally friendly, because although most forget about the outside, there are plenty of landscaping choices that can made that will increase the environmentally friendly aspect of a garden..

Outside of the fact that these changes are eco-friendly, small changes can also reduce the amount of water and time that is consumed in order to keep a green yard.  Additionally, since a healthy yard requires less work overall, it also means that you can save some money as well.

One great way is to plan out the placement of your plants such as choosing plants that have average growths to match the plot of land you have available and choosing plants that attract wildlife such as butterflies and bees.

You can also choose plants that naturally grow large and take the care to place them where they can grow instead of pruning them so that you can reduce your homes cooling costs and naturally shade your garden area.

You also may want to consider placing more landscape beds in your garden in order to shrink the overall garden space.  This is because cutting down the amount of lawn in your yard will help conserve water, time, and energy, while at the same time decreases the amount of fertilizer you need to use.


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