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Dog Rocks get rid of urine burns in your lawn permanently

If you want to leave in harmony with your garden and pet the answer is simple; allow your pet to enjoy the garden and the lawn as much as you. While this may fill many gardeners with dread, it is now easily achievable with Dog Rocks.

This innovative invention dispels all pet owner fears of allowing their pets to roam freely round the garden as they help to stop your pet cocking a leg or squatting and thus protect your lawn, hedges and shrubs from being killed by their urine.

Dog Rocks is the only product that is 100% safe, natural, non-medicinal and hassle free in ridding your lawns of urine burns, as they act as both a prevention and a cure. With regular usage, you will have a perfect green lawn, free from urine burns, allowing the whole family, including pets, to enjoy the garden all year.

Dog urine burns are a great source of frustration for pet lovers who are also proud of their gardens. Yellow or brown patches of dead grass are very unsightly, but thanks to Dog Rocks you now have a hassle free, non-medicinal, natural and safe way of eradicating grass burns for good.

While nitrogen is an essential component in healthy soil, an high concentrations of it can cause grass to turn yellow or brown. Urine is naturally high in nitrogen and alone can cause grass burns. However, lawn fertilizer also contains nitrogen. An excess of either or a combination of urine and fertilizer may result in an overdose of nitrogen, thus “burning” the grass.

It may seem like female dog urine causes more trouble to the lawn than male dog urine. This is simply because most females tend to squat and urinate in one place, while many males lift the leg and “mark” upright objects in multiple locations. The composition of a dog’s urine does not vary that much between male and female dogs, especially when spayed or neutered.

Placed in your dog’s water bowl and changed every 2 months, Dog Rocks will eliminate these unsightly marks without any need for medication. Dog Rocks have been used for around 12 years with huge success worldwide & are safe for all household pets; there is no change to the pH balance of the dog’s urine. Dog Rocks are endorsed by vets and sold to pet owners worldwide.

“Dog Rocks have worked wonders on my lawn, thank you!” Cherry, Dorset. UK

“Amazed at the difference in our lawn” Anne Lawrence, Devon, UK.

“Quite brilliant, my lawn had suffered for years until I started using Dog Rocks”

Philippa Katz, Vermont, USA.


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